How to Help Fight Polarization in the World Today

In today’s news we see all kinds of atrocities. And often these atrocities are reported using nefarious strategies such as yellow journalism or straight up propaganda, infusing lies with some truths to give the lies credibility. People are scared, on both sides of the political arean and minds are literally being hijacked largely from the endless rolling commercial reel that is mainstream media and outlier extremist news websites.


The divide, at least in the USA, is growing dramatically between the clash of cultures, sexualities and other things that honestly should not even be all that relevant (as in, we should all just get along and respect each other).


It might surprise you that much of racism, bigotry, homophobia and even Islamophobia does not come exactly from hatred but rather from a sense of authoritarianism or the need for “control”. At least the semblance of control. This is seen a lot across the political spectrum, and any kind of hatred should be fought against if possible, but not with violence.


Rather words are the weapon of choice.


The best way for polarization to be defeated (for instance hard line Right and the comical label that belongs to the capitalist hating “Regressive” Left)  is by simple communication. It is a hard road for sure, but someone who is an active and passionate moderate who can effectivley see “both sides of the coin” as it were can dramatically help this world.


We do not need less empathy, more walls or more divisions amongst us. The media has played the culture very well in this aspect, segmenting us into fairly good marketing lists for commercial intent. However, now more than ever there needs to be more voices of reason.


It is important to realize that voices of reason do not need to agree with each other. They just need civility rather than polarization. Fanaticism, as far as I know, has never helped anyone or anything improve its station in life and often is a self destructive curse when it does manifest. It is best to eradicate fanaticism through education.


This goes for any kind of highly emotional, passionate idealistic thinking as most idealistic philosophies tend to group entire swathes of people and demonize them as the unwanted “outsider”. Out and In groups are actually very well documented amongst tribal species, which is ultimately what we are despite all of our technology, culture and art.


Knowing this, it becomes very understandable how media can really create “Tribes” of people that war with each other, or even within each other as is the case with many larger “tribes” that are suddenly finding themselves taken over by a new mainstream that has been growing within their midst.


Polarization can be defeated. Fanaticism can be eradicated. Alas it will not be by brute force as this denotes a polarization all of its own and requires a very scary form of fanaticism. Instead, it will only be able to be resolved through education, logic and calm reasoning civility.


You can be that voice, that is if you choose.