3 MORE Propaganda Influencing Strategies the Media Uses

This will be our last article in our series of propaganda and the different techniques that propaganda uses to radicalize people to fanaticism and belief in new ideas or political agendas. As mentioned several times throughout this website, even though propaganda shares many similar traits to marketing, they are two different animals. Ultimately, they both desire the same thing which is to influence people but for two different purposes and often propaganda strategies have an underlying unethical quality to them.


Of course, if you belong to the group that is effectively performing propaganda strategies and you believe in them, you might not realize the unethical quality or may even defend very strongly against it because you have already made the incredibly difficult to break decision of emotionally deciding on your viewpoints and aligning them with whatever political body just appealed to you.


All this being said, let us dive into the core of these last 3 and also highly effective strategies that are used to wield political influence over others, sometimes to celebratory claps and the sound of trumpets.


1 – Name Calling


This is kind of mudslinging is all too common in today’s politics. Despite popular belief though, mud slinging use to be even crazier back before libel laws came about. Such as candidates literally telling newspaper lies and having the newspaper print those lies as facts to sway various voters. Politics has always been an inherently dirty game, even if the majority of its players are ultimately good people that have good intentions.


The idea is to call the rival candidate various names that can create fear, hatred, angst and frustration in the viewer and associate that rival with this negative imagery and symbolism. It is similar to the Transfer effect, only it works in an opposite direction. Negative instead of positive.


2 –  Card Stacking


This is something that is commonly practiced. It is where half truths are told and lying are all too common. This recipe creates a vile concoction that is very convincing and quite persuasive. It is seen over and over again, skirting around potential problems that decisions might have or flat out ignoring them.


3 –  Loaded Words


Ultimately, propaganda comes down to selling a person on that candidate or political body. The only way to truly sell someone anything is by helping that person make what is ultimately an emotional decision. Since our brains decide things based on emotions, the influencer or politicial candidate or powers that be will use words that hold powerful meaning with each other. Often words like freedom, patriotism and individualism, or other words that hold sacred meaning within a culture. This helps create an aura of power of that influencer and really helps them persuade the crowd to their agenda.


While certainly not unethical in anyway, it can be used powerfully by unethical people and should be watched out for.


At the end of the day, only you can make sure you do not become hypnotized, owned, or assaulted by this brain hijacking techniques. The best way to make sure you do not become polarized and essentially the emotional slave to an idea, is simply to educate yourself on what is actually happening and sourcing news from multiple sources. While also having a healthy understanding of how propaganda strategies really work so you can spot them in action.








2 More Propaganda Strategies Used for Brain Seeding

As I mentioned towards the end of the first article in this series, propaganda techniques exist in a wide variety of methods and strategies. Often propaganda strategies related almost perfectly with marketing strategies used in the private sector. The main difference is often propaganda has a more unethical bias and a much more blatant aggression to control thoughts, beliefs and worldviews.


Typiclly, propaganda is a political device not a private sector device. Thus differentiating marketing. Marketing is usually fairly innocuous that is just a process of moving goods and services more effectively for businesses that master those processes. Likewise it is also important to note that propaganda is not always inherently unethical, though it is almost certainly always meant to manipulate your belief systems in the favor of a political agenda.


All that being said, let us dive into 2 more very cunning propaganda strategies. You will likely recognize these ones as they are very common in any election cycle, which is highly broadcasted by media companies that often themselves are employing yellow journalism – a huge element and cog of a well oiled propaganda machine.


1 – Plain Folks


This is the method where a candidate or the body that wishes to influence a group of people will use everyday people to demonstrate how popular their viewpoints are. It makes people feel like they should be like these “everyday people” as well because no one wants to be on the “out” group. The Outsider group of the tribe is often the most precarious and most dangerous place to exist, and thus the plain folks strategy works well. Especially when a candidate can come down from their “lofty” stations in life, roll up their sleeves and eat some fried foods with everyone else (such as is common before the Iowa cacaus).


2 –  The Bandwagon Effect


Similar to the plain folks effect, the bandwagon effect is where the influencer says “everyone” is participating in their view point. That everyone is upset. That everyone is suffering. And through the process of repetition, many people believe this might be true without ever doing actual due diligence. And people have a natural want to be on the winning side of life (and not the Outsider) they will often “hop onto the bandwagon” for no other reason than percieving everyone else was doing it. Done effectively enough, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy where everyone actually IS doing it or believing it and thus a lie can be born as a truth.


These two strategies are very dangerous in the wrong, unethical hands that can influence a massive amount of people. It is important to watch out for this happening and to fight against such a thing if at all possible if you find out that person using these strategie actually is objectively using them in an unethical manner.


Only you can defend yourself against brain hijacking and belief seeding. Arm yourself with knowledge. It will create a proper defense against these propaganda style strategies used to convert the unwitting to various political platforms that they otherwise would not had supported.


3 Types of Recognizable Propaganda to Help You Avoid Brain Hijacking

Propaganda rears its ugly head everywhere. While propaganda is typically used for the gain of various political powers and lobbying organizations, propaganda shares an uncomfortable brotherhood with marketing as well. Marketing in its purest form is about influencing a buy decision, likewise so is propaganda.


It is important to note that marketing is not exactly propaganda, since propaganda is a much more unethically motivated enterprise versus marketing is a much more innocuous enterprise based on just selling goods and services rather than cultural change or what is known as “brain hijacking”.


Brain hijacking is literally creating fanaticism in people. And you see this every day with people of all kinds of views, from rather mainstream to even extremely strange beliefs such as the ability to feed off of solar light from the sun (seriously).


So these 3 types of propaganda can actually be used in marketing, but as I said before propaganda often incorporates lies which differentiates itself from traditional marketing. Regardless, it is important to look out for these things to better defend yourself from buying into a viewpoint that might not really be your viewpoint (an example of brain hijacking and belief seeding).


Alright, let us dive into some of these different methods that people’s’ brains get hijacked and how you can avoid it by understanding what is happening!


1 – Transfer


This is where people relate one thing to another. It is used to gain respect. Symbolism is very important when using transfer. For example, many Republicans espouse their adoration of Reagan or even compare themselves as similar to Reagan to gain the cult following that Reagan had with his supporters.


2 – Testimonial


Typically innocuous, but in political situations it is often used in a similar manner of the Transfer. Only instead of someone trying to make that claim of comparing themselves with someone, they have someone that already represents that ideal give them praise in some fashion or form to win more people over to them. This is not always unethical, but in the political sense it is for sure propaganda.


3 –  The Glittering Generalities


This is striking right at the heart of it. Here the poltical agency wishing to perform the mental hijacking will speak in vast generalities. Sweeping black and white blanke tstatements are common here and virtuous, provcaitve words are also common to hit someone emotionally to help change their way of thinking.


After all, we never make decisions based off logic but rather purchase everything (including our political values) with emotion. This is way great orators can inspire people to do highly malevolent things that in any other scenario that would be abhorred to have ever done.


Now there is a lot more than just these 3 propaganda strategies. There is an entire litany and school of thought related to this kind of stuff. I want to stress again that marketing and propaganda might have a brotherhood but they are not exactly the same despite using similar mechanisms says my buddy Justin who owns www.lawncareofcumming.com.


And propaganda pieces are not always unethical such as the Transfer or the Testimonial strategy, these can be born out with the highest standards of ethics though often are not.

How to Help Fight Polarization in the World Today

In today’s news we see all kinds of atrocities. And often these atrocities are reported using nefarious strategies such as yellow journalism or straight up propaganda, infusing lies with some truths to give the lies credibility. People are scared, on both sides of the political arean and minds are literally being hijacked largely from the endless rolling commercial reel that is mainstream media and outlier extremist news websites.


The divide, at least in the USA, is growing dramatically between the clash of cultures, sexualities and other things that honestly should not even be all that relevant (as in, we should all just get along and respect each other).


It might surprise you that much of racism, bigotry, homophobia and even Islamophobia does not come exactly from hatred but rather from a sense of authoritarianism or the need for “control”. At least the semblance of control. This is seen a lot across the political spectrum, and any kind of hatred should be fought against if possible, but not with violence.


Rather words are the weapon of choice.


The best way for polarization to be defeated (for instance hard line Right and the comical label that belongs to the capitalist hating “Regressive” Left)  is by simple communication. It is a hard road for sure, but someone who is an active and passionate moderate who can effectivley see “both sides of the coin” as it were can dramatically help this world.


We do not need less empathy, more walls or more divisions amongst us. The media has played the culture very well in this aspect, segmenting us into fairly good marketing lists for commercial intent. However, now more than ever there needs to be more voices of reason.


It is important to realize that voices of reason do not need to agree with each other. They just need civility rather than polarization. Fanaticism, as far as I know, has never helped anyone or anything improve its station in life and often is a self destructive curse when it does manifest. It is best to eradicate fanaticism through education.


This goes for any kind of highly emotional, passionate idealistic thinking as most idealistic philosophies tend to group entire swathes of people and demonize them as the unwanted “outsider”. Out and In groups are actually very well documented amongst tribal species, which is ultimately what we are despite all of our technology, culture and art.


Knowing this, it becomes very understandable how media can really create “Tribes” of people that war with each other, or even within each other as is the case with many larger “tribes” that are suddenly finding themselves taken over by a new mainstream that has been growing within their midst.


Polarization can be defeated. Fanaticism can be eradicated. Alas it will not be by brute force as this denotes a polarization all of its own and requires a very scary form of fanaticism. Instead, it will only be able to be resolved through education, logic and calm reasoning civility.


You can be that voice, that is if you choose.

What is Yellow Journalism and Why is it Dangerous to Society?

Yellow journalism is a practice that is unfortunately very prominent in today’s fragmented media. It has always been an issue, but unlike days of yesteryears, yellow journalism has been able to crop up its ugly head in ways that can seriously polarize a crowd and even change the reality of the situation through believed perception of the events.


So what exactly is yellow journalism and how does it rear its ugly head?


Yellow journalism is the practice of telling and writing news stories with a perceived bias. And contrary to popular belief, this is not always a bad thing. For instance company press releases are often written in a journalistic style but they are absolutely biased in promoting the welfare of the company that press release represents. Typically, this is pretty innocuous.


Where yellow journalism becomes a real danger is when it is coupled with real news and world events that can have drastic consequences. It often frames the article in such a way where the reader will be left thinking in a certain form. Many websites, especially hard leaning political websites, make use of yellow journalism on a daily basis manipulating their audience by telling white lies and mixing truth in with various falsehoods.


Sometimes it is completely blatant yellow journalism that is very easy to spot unless you are already loyal to the media company or site publishing the content. Since loyalty allows blindness to settle in, many people end up being led to and fro by pieces of yellow journalism or sometimes better known as straight up propaganda.


One easy way to tell if you are reading a publication that is using the awful (and in my opinion immoral) yellow journalism to disguise itself as an objective piece of news, is by looking at the headline. Is the headline telling you how you will feel or is it reporting news?


For instance, a headline like “What He Did Next Will Sicken You” (just replace the word “he” with whatever political candidate you want), is a classic blatant yellow journalism tactic. It is literally juxtaposing a newsworthy influencer such as a politician and telling you that you will become sick, disgusted or at least annoyed with whatever action the man has taken.


In an election cycle, this yellow journalism becomes even more dangerous as it lowers itself into slanderous articles. It is a hard thing to avoid especially in topics that are so heated and passionately subjective on so many various levels.


However, it should be avoided at all costs or at least decried as not real journalism.


If you feel you might be subjected to yellow journalism, it is best to take your news from several different sources. Preferably, take the news from sources that traditionally conflict with each other in their perceived “bias”.

Fox News is an example of a Republican or Right-wing leaning news network for example and MSNBC is often compared to being a Left-wing leaning work. By comparing both articles on the same story, you might be able to gain a better picture of the full truth. Also, instead of watching video clips, attempt to watch the whole video relevant to the news story that has not been edited for TV or a certain media channel to prevent yellow journalism seeping into your world.


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